Jack-Layton Park (Sandy Beach)

One of the things I love about wandering around and finding parks and playgrounds is finding places like THIS. 
I’d heard rumours about a public beach in Hudson but couldn’t find anything about it on the town’s website, but with a bit of Google Satellite-ing I could see the beach around the bend from the parking lot in Jack Layton Park.
Just the drive TO the parking lot was pretty (turn down Rue Wharf from Main Street, or follow the signs). There is ample free parking with porta-potties, picnic tables, benches and outstanding views of the Outaouais River and Oka. 
We had brought our wagon to cart along towels, sand toys, water, snacks etc and it came in handy as it’s about a 10-minute walk to the beach. 
The path is stroller friendly on hard packed dirt and wooden boardwalks and there are a couple of lookouts along the way. The boys loved looking at the heron in the marsh and toddling along the trail. We stuck to the main path, though there are lots going off in various directions, and arrived at the beach. 
What. A. View. 
How did I not know about this place before???
It was like we’d traveled 2 hours up north but instead were only 25 minutes from home. 
The beach is wide with gorgeous soft sand and the water is shallow and perfect for wading. 
The boys and our friends played with the sand toys, made “pancakes” in the buckets, had snacks, and waded in the water. 
The sign to the beach states “NO SWIMMING” as there are no lifeguards on duty, so the boys stayed close to shore and just got their legs wet. It’s pretty chilly so I doubt they would have done much swimming even if it WAS allowed!
There are a couple of picnic tables on the beach and some shade near the trees, but those spots were already taken when we arrived at 9am. 
This is a dog-friendly beach, but they must be leashed. Though none were while we were there, the owners were attentive and none ventured near us. 
Even with a daycamp group there was TONS of room and it was quiet and calm. Our only regret? That it was getting close to nap time and we had to pack up at 11:30!
Next time I’ll bring more snacks or a whole meal, more water, and bring our mini kids’ tent for some shade.  I could see us spending a longer day here as it was just SUCH a great find so close to the city. There was even an art show happening IN the park. 
There are also tons of little shops and cafés in the town of Hudson so you could make it a whole day! Or, drop the kids back at home and come back in the evening for a crayon-free dinner at my favourite restaurant The Willow. Mmmmmmmm garlic bread. 

p.s. I noticed that a couple of people had parked their cars near one end of the beach, so you can also drive down Rue Royalview if you don’t want the short walk through the woods. But really, do the walk. It’s purty. 


  • Jessica says:

    Thanks for all the info, we enjoyed a fantastic day at the beach! We parked closer to the beach given that we have an infant and don’t own a fancy wagon (yet). We arrived around 11am on a holiday Sunday and the beach was pretty empty. It filled in towards the end of the day but there was still plenty of space. Lots of people were in the water, it stays shallow pretty far so it’s great for playing in the water but it would be tough to truly ‘swim’. The view was incredible and I loved watching the boats go by all day long. A real gem!

    (Although I will say there were a lot of dogs, not a problem for us but might be for others)

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