Albert-Gariépy Park

We really liked this quiet, small, new-ish playground right beside Highway 20 (that sound barrier wall really does work!)

We had to circle around twice to find parking and eventually got a spot on 9th Avenue and then just walked around the corner. 
The park is partially fenced but not gated at the road entrances. There are a few picnic tables under the trees and a family was having a late evening dinner while the kids played on the climbers.
Everything is on wood chips and all the equipment and landscaping is very recently done.
The toddler climber by GameTime has stairs (yeah!), and the coolest space-y looking landing/steps. There is a mini metal chain ladder, a small rock climbing wall, slides and underneath are a couple of benches, though my guy used them as bongos. 
There is also a ride-on frog, a spinny seat that looks like a turtle shell, a couple of baby swings, and a teeter-totter.

A couple of strides away is the big-kid climber. My toddler actually loved this one too, but not because of the super high slide and steep rock climbing wall, but because of the giant stylized stacked rings. He was able to climb the little stepping stones, and then get into the bottom rung where he pretended to be a baby bird in a nest while I fed him wood chip “worms”. 

After a vibrant 5-minute “talk” with another little 2 year old (hilarious!), we headed home as the sun was setting and someone was getting sleepy. (It was me)

We had great evening shade, but I don’t there’s going to be much daytime shade as the trees are not huge.

P.s. Not to be confused the J. Albert-Gariépy Park in Verdun!

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