Baldwin Park

We’re loving this borough’s parks! After leaving the super cool parc de Lorimier, we drove a bit and came to this park. Walking in the gates of the playground, we stopped, did a little audible gasp, and then didn’t know where to start. 
This park has fantastic play sections for older kids, a small splash pad right in the middle (on a rubber base and open 9-9), and then an amazing toddler area. There is impressive fencing (with beautiful gates) around 3 sides, and then the play areas are open at the back to the chalet and the soccer fields. 

The toddler section (on sand) has every sort of play thing the littles could possibly want.
A 3-part train that includes a dining car, engine with stairs and slide, and sand car? Yes. 
Large play structure with stairs, bridges, ladders, slides, steering wheels, tic-tac-toe, and more? Yes. 
Critters to climb on, all sorts of spring riders and seesaws, baby swings, a schoolbus to drive, arch to climb, and a play house? Yes, yes, yes! Mine was overwhelmed, and very, very excited. He’s in no shots because he wouldn’t stay still long enough to get anything but a blurry picture of his hand. “Could you drive the bus, please? Just hold…….still, ok bye.”
The train, bus, and play house are great toys for toddlers under 3, because I find that they often prefer to play at ground level, and they always come up with creative games about driving around the world, or opening 5 star restaurants that serve macaroni and cheese 😉

We were intrigued by the large upright musical instrument and whacked it with our knuckles. Behind the chalet are giant wooden lounge chairs and spots to hang your hammock. Brilliant! And that strange modern art-looking giant hoop thing in front of the playground is also a spot to hang hammocks. Look for the hooks!

And onward to the big-kid park. It was also awesome. The equipment is all on wood chips with some decorative rubber paths (actually, there are the same paths in the toddler area), that makes the park more wheelchair accessible. Sort of. 
There’s a large rope climber, a realistic boulder that was beyond me, an intriguing climber with actual bicycle wheels to climb, and a huge play structure from Jambette. Climb the ladders, run over the log roller, scream down the slides, or pound on the musical chimes. Lots to do, and even little kids should be able to find something at ground level to entertain themselves while older siblings race around above. 

The south part of the park sometimes hosts free yoga sessions under the beautiful trees, and would be a great picnic spot in the summer. The kids were too tuckered out, but walk down past Rachel and you’ll get to the municipal pool and wading pool (CLOSED FOR 2021), and some new ping pong tables on a colourful base.


The park has undergone significant changes over the years (there used to be a horse race track!) and you can read about the changes and some history HERE

Things to note:
-The sketchy-looking splash pad is closed for the 2021 season. 
-Street parking is available around the park. Watch the signs!

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