Saint-Pierre-Claver Park

Craning our necks, we both said “Oooooooh, what is that?” It was like a giant ant hill surrounded by cute cat tails and critters. And it turned out to be an adorable rubber-based splash pad!

After easily finding (free) parking on the surrounding street, we trotted up the path, past the permanent ping pong table (or is it table tennis? Are those the same thing?), and into the partially fenced water area. 
It’s interesting that it’s on poured-in-place rubber, because we don’t see that for splash pads very often, and it’s fairly new so was still clean and intact. There are arching ground jets, little bubblers that are great for timid toddlers, a fish coming out of the ground, misty rings to run through, and the bullrushes poking out of the top of the hill. There are benches within the same area, and toddler-sized picnic tables just beside. The water is on from 9am-9pm

We circled and circled the chalet but couldn’t find an open door, or any sign that there’s a usable washroom inside, so I’d play it safe and not assume that there’s one to use. 

The two playgrounds have some interesting play structures and products from Jambette, and the toddler section is completely fenced AND gated (on sand). We played on the various spring riders and seesaws, and tried out the toddler climber. While my 3½ year old was able to climb most of the apparatus, smaller kids won’t be able to do much without help, as there are no stairs. I liked that there are kid-sized picnic tables inside the fencing, as well as a bunch of benches for parents. There was some shade over the play area, but it was really early in the morning, and I suspect that the park is usually very sunny. 

Adjacent is the big-kid area with swings, the worm-like Xccent Play X-wave, spinners and balance boards, a creative rope climber, and a tall play structure. The climber is challenging with steep rock climbing walls and tricky rungs to scale. We were really excited to see one of the borough’s help-yourself “Boîte de jeux”, but the lid was completely broken off its hinges and was totally empty inside 🙁 Usually there are toys that you can use while playing at the park. 

Saint-Pierre-Claver Park – Le Plateau – Mont-Royal from StrollerMom on Vimeo.

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