des Narcisses Park

And in today’s toddler tales….He insisted on wearing his highly reflective spaceman suit to the park (and also to drop off his older brother at day camp, much to brother’s embarrassment), and then drank my entire Tim Horton smoothie, which was probably something like 800 grams of sugar. 

“Are you getting hot yet in your tin foil outfit?” 
Ok then…

A friend posted a picture of themselves playing at this park, which reminded me that we hadn’t yet visited it! The horror!
So we packed up, grabbed some snacks, and headed out on a sunny (but still cool, don’t worry he wasn’t roasting) morning. I should have taken highway 40, because it’s such a maze to get here from the 20, as the train tracks behind the park make for only one way into this neighbourhood. 
After 17,000 turns, we found it and parked on the street. The park is between, and across from houses, so while it’s pretty much a neighbourhood playground, there’s also a really nice splash pad! Vaudreuil-Dorion has TEN splash pads in the city, and we’ve now been to all of them 🙂

The splash pad has a trio of dumping buckets (though two need a repair to get them “dumping” again), misty flowers, and not-too-scary ground jets and bubblers, all on a colourful concrete base.
It’s in full sun, as is most of the playground equipment, but there is some greenspace on the south side with mature trees and some shade. You’ll also find a few picnic tables under the trees, as well as benches around the play equipment. 

The play areas are on sand, and pretty much all together in the same space. On one side is a big balance board and the big kid climber from GameTime with ladders, rungs and slides. In the middle are big and baby swings, and on the other side near the water fountain is the toddler area. 
This climber from Jambette has easy to climb platforms for the littlest ones, and a ladder for older kids. We played “spaceship” (obviously) and he used the binoculars to scour the sand for aliens while I drove the steering wheel. Luckily the only aliens we saw were the duck and toucan spring riders!

Things to note:
-The water is on everyday from 9am-8pm.
-There is fencing all along the back and sides of the park, but is completely open to the road.
-Bonus: There’s a porta-pottie!

des Narcisses Park – Vaudreuil-Dorion from StrollerMom on Vimeo.

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Fenced toddler park
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