Sainte-Trinité Park

While driving to this park, I heard an“Oooooh! There’s the park!” from the backseat. Except that we were beside the nearby school’s playground (which looks pretty cool). So when we DID park in front of Sainte-Trinite (watch for all the no-parking signs), he was like “Oh.”

This is a rather strange park. The equipment is ok, there’s a splash pad, and some shade around the edges. But there’s also some protective surfacing that’s non-conforming with safety standards. Also known as “grass and dirt”. Why is grass not safe? – because it seems like it should be fine right? – Because if it hasn’t rained in forever, like this summer, that grass and dirt becomes hard like cement. Ouch.

So just note that under the baby swings, the spring riders, and the adult swings is potentially very hard dirt.

Set back from the road (where’s there’s no fencing at all), the large play structure from Jambette has some stairs to the hard-to-reach monkey bars, and moving rungs up to two slides. Just beside it is an older verrrrry tall tunnel slide with steep metal stairs. My little one went up, looked down the slide, and promptly came back down the stairs (with me hovering and fretting below.)
Both of these structures are on sand, which was freshly graded, except for directly underneath where it was riddled with weeds.

Just beside are the two spring riders, which are oddly placed right on grass, and the baby swings are beside those.

Walk a bit east and there are some big-kid swings RIGHT beside a porta-pottie (like it was really unpleasant to swing here because of the smell) and there’s the Multi-Pongo stand-up seesaw on sand. All of the equipment is just steps from a parking lot. (You can see the car right behind the seesaw)

It was rather chilly when we visited, so he didn’t want to go in the water, but my guy did enjoy turning on the water of the splash pad and watching the tall misty leaf, the ring to run through, the colourful bee and butterfly water cannons, and the spurting ground jets.

Things to note:
-The water is on everyday from 9am-8pm.
-Again, there’s no fencing here, but it’s set back a little bit from the road.
-There are benches and a picnic table nearby.

Sainte-Trinité Park – Vaudreuil-Dorion from StrollerMom on Vimeo.

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