Curé Albert-Arnold Park

This park has been partially redone including new fencing and the old wading pool has been transformed into a splash pad. 

It was freeeeezing the day we visited, and no one wanted to turn on the water, so unfortunately, no video. But, there are lovely ground jets and sprayers, and a couple of water cannons on the brightly painted base. No fencing, so it’s completely open to the rest of the park, but it is sort of near the middle (in case you have a runner.)

The two playgrounds are on either side of the park, with the splash pad and a bit of green space in the middle, so it’ll be tricky to see them if they want to go off in different directions.
The big-kid area has a simple play structure with a couple of slides and ladders. There’s also a good cable climber and four adult swings.
Skip across the middle to the other side of the park and the toddler playground has a frightening “animal” spring rider (see photo in the gallery *shudder*), baby swings, a toddler picnic table, and a small play structure with stairs, monkey bars, and a slide.

Things to note:
-The splash pad hours of operation can be found HERE. It should be 8am-8pm daily. 
-Both play areas are on sand. 
-There is some fencing along the road. 
-Mature trees cast some pretty good shade over the play areas and even part of the splash pad. 
-Parking is awful. Good luck. I parked half in/half out of a legal spot and hoped for the best. Shhhhh!

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