Denault Park

There’s lots to do at the park for both big and little kids.

With three different play areas, a small splash pad, picnic tables, and lots of greenspace to run around; it makes for a very nice neighbourhood playground.

In the toddler section is a nice play structure with great stairs, slides, and a ladder. There are also spring riders, the adorable fish/submarine, and one of my kids’ favourites from when they were little: the bouncy school bus.

Steps away is a shiny climber for older kids, and then nearby is another climber with a slide and a multitude of ways to go up and across. And then, there’s an immense cable climber, four adult swings, one baby swing, and the tandem Expression swing. 

The splash pad is in the middle of the park, and while small, has enough to entertain and cool off the kiddos. 

Things to note:
-The splash pad water is on from 9am-8pm. Press the sensor in the middle of the drain to turn on the water sequence.
-There’s basically no shade.
-When we visited in 2019 a porta-potty was on site, and a drinking fountain is right by the toddler area.
-Everything is on sand.

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