des Géraniums Park

After driving out to Vaudreuil to pick up a secondhand snowsuit (winter? Noooooooooo!), we decided to check out a few nearby playgrounds as it was a rare warm and sunny November day.
This park is surrounded by houses, but because they’ve kept the space quite large, it didn’t feel like we were in a fishbowl. There are many trees surrounding and within the park, but because they’re all small, I don’t think there is any shade during the hot summer months. Should be good in about….20 years though!
Side note: Why, WHY clearcut developments when you know there’s going to be a park there??

There is a great big-kid structure from Miracle Recreation on a wood chip base. And this one is really for big kids. There are no stairs, but tons of other ways to climb and swing; metal rungs like the Orbit Climber, sky wheels, TWO Fossil Bluff climbing walls, and metal ladders. You’re going to need a really athletic kid if they want to make it up to the three impressive slides including a Typhoon twirly slide and the Big Timber Slide.
My one complaint here is I wish there was some way to make it from one platform to the other, like a bridge or walkway. Some kids just aren’t monkey-bar type kids.
Also in this section are two skateboard type balancers from Xccent Play.

A little ways over is the swing section on a wood chip base. There aren’t many, two big-kid, one baby, and one accessible swing. For a large neighbourhood park with some other great equipment, it seems odd that there aren’t more swings. 

And then, just on the other side of the centre court area is the toddler section. The part is on sand and consists of THREE big ride-ons (Lucky the Ladybug, Pokey the Snail and Buzzy the Bumblebee), a large toddler climber, and a sand digger.
We had our first park accident involving blood when the little one kept climbing on and off and on and off the bumblebee, resulting in a split lip. All his teeth were intact so after 13 seconds of wailing we checked out the climber. There are multiple ways to get up to the large platform: wide stairs, an inclined mini climbing wall, Bongo Steps, and some metal rungs. On top is the biiiig platform with slides leading off of it, and underneath is a tic-tac-toe wall and a “general store”. Easy enough for smaller kids and challenging for older toddlers. 

There is no fencing but it is big and flat and easy to watch the littles. There are also many benches and three big picnic tables. Just don’t expect any shade for your snack!
We really appreciated that everything was clean and shiny and worked.
NEW IN 2017: The city has installed “toy-sharing” bins in the playground where you can borrow toys while you play, or bring unused toys from home to share with others. You can read more about it HERE

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