des Sapins Park

I was looking for some Hudson playgrounds (we still have yet to find any), and came across this one on the map, which turned out to actually be in Vaudreuil-Dorion, and not Hudson. Or as real estate brokers call this area: “Hudson adjacent.”

This was a funny little park, with quite the surprise at the back. 
The playground consists of a nice small play structure with pods to climb, slides, ladders and steps, a steering wheel and a mini climbing wall with rope. Nearby are two adult and two baby swings.
But then, in the back is a tiny skate park! Wha?
I was wondering if this is ever used, as it seemed so random, but as we were leaving about 7 teens on scooters zoomed up, gave me dirty glares, and proceeded to shred. So I guess it’s used 😉

Things to note:
-The park is deeply shaded, which made taking pictures really difficult, and thus also has quite a lot of mosquitos and other critters flying about. 
-There is no fencing by the road.
-The playground is on sand. 

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