Brockville, Ontario – Hardy Park

On our recent trip from Montreal to Prince Edward County, I wanted to break it up and let the kids somewhere to stretch their legs a bit. What better way than playing at a park!
I’ve never been to Brockville so I scoped out Google Maps and saw the AMAZING accessible playground that had been built in 2009 through the fundraising efforts of the May Court Club of Brockville, Brockville Municipal Accessory Advisory Committee and the city itself.

At just 9 minutes straight south from the 401, it didn’t take us long from the highway to the waterfront. After parking on Ernie Fox Quay, we watched the ducks and geese in the picturesque harbour, walked over the bridge, read the historical plaques, and walked along the boardwalk. It was ridiculously pretty.
Part of the Brock Trail runs through the park and there are benches and picnic tables under large trees. After walking past the beach volleyball courts we came to the playground. 
I’d heard that it had been vandalized over the summer but I wasn’t expecting just how much equipment had been destroyed. Instead of the wheelchair ramp and accessible platforms, there was just the regular climber. SO MUCH was damaged. The entire wheelchair ramp and accessible platforms had to be removed, as well as the monkey bars, ride-ons and you can still see where the rubber flooring was burned. Plans are in the works to replace what had to be removed so hopefully on our next visit we’ll see the climber for what it was meant to be.
p.s. Someone has since been charged with the crime. 

The climber was still really fun and has easy to access stairs, slides, metal rungs and ladders, and a rock climbing wall.
There are two baby swings, a big-kid swing, and an adaptive swing. Everything is on a colourful rubber base decorated with footprints, salamanders, and other designs. 
Just beside the play area is a covered structure with benches and while there are bathrooms they had just closed the day before we visited. 

After we finished playing we walked back over the bridge and saw the tall ship and sightseeing boats in the harbour. And across the water on Block House Island Road is another playground! We were running out of time for our “short” pit stop so…next time.

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