du Chablis Park

I was happy to have both the 10-year old and 5-year old with me to RE-visit this newly renovated park. We’d last played here in 2015 when it looked like this:

Except for the sand shovel, everything else has been cleared out and replaced with two great Little Tikes Commercial play structures, and a few stand alone products. 
I had come by in late, late fall of 2017 and had just the little one with me, and it was too cold to really play, so I promised him it would be one of our first parks to visit in 2018. 

At this playground you can use the interactive Play Biba! mobile app that gives you games to be used with the park equipment.  So make sure to bring your phone with you if you want to try it out; you can download the free app from iTunes and Google Play. Want to read more about Biba? You can find info HERE
I’m really on the fence about having to use an app, and MY phone, while playing at the playground. My older one was super keen to try it, and after downloading the app, tried it out for about 20 seconds while I said “DON’T. DROP. MY. PHONE.”, and then said it was “weird” and deleted it. So, ya. Give it a try for yourself. I’m not super stoked and would rather just, you know, play. 

I found the two structures to be spot on in terms of age ranges. The smaller toddler climber has various ways to get up to the slides including stairs, a chain ladder, a log ladder, and log slices to climb. Kids who want to stay on the ground can try out the drum, window ledge, puppet theatre window, the Melody Maker panel, and the talk tubes that work! Very cute and nice attention to detail, with the tree/nature theme running throughout all the park equipment. 

Nearby is the Friendship Globe, which is…a globe. Some cute seats to sit on and chat, and the saved-from-the-chopping-block sand shovel. 

Skip across the park and there’s the TALL “tree house” for older kids. Again, there are some creative ways to access the slide including a challenging rock wall, log Lumberjack climber, metal rungs, and a tree ladder. My 5-year old, who is quite adept at almost everything now, couldn’t get up any of them, much to his older brother’s delight. So he played tic-tac-toe underneath.

So, a really good park reno, especially for this small space, that is good for kids of all ages!

Things to note:
-The whole park is on wood chips. Kirkland says their parks are “accessible” but there is a 6-8″ drop down into the play area, which doesn’t make it all that accessible. 
-Swings were added in August 2018, quite a while after our visit, so many thanks to Geneva for sending me some pictures of the swings after they were installed! There are now two baby, two adult, and one adaptive swing. There may not be a cutout in the concrete barrier that runs the whole way around the park though…
-The park gets some good shade throughout the day, though the entire playground is not always shaded.
-Completely fenced, but with no gate.
-Street parking right in front is easy. 


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