Edmond-Robin Park

This was a sweet little park with some new equipment (the city’s website still shows it pre-renovation), picnic table and benches, a drinking fountain, and even a mini paved tricycle path. 

Toddlers will enjoy this little GameTime play structure with its easy-to-climb stairs, small slides, pods and steps to balance across, and a climbing wall. There’s lots to swing from and climb.
Nearby are two baby and two adult swings, a spring rider and a seesaw.
This is a good park for letting little ones explore as it’s quite secure and there are pine trees (Ooo, pine cones!), paths to follow, and some grass to run around on.
Older kids won’t find all that much to challenge them, but travel just down the block, and they can try out the equipment at parc des Véterans

Things to note:
-Street parking was easy.
-The playground is fully fenced and gated.
-The playground is on wood chips. 

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