des Véterans Park

Named in honour of the veterans of the First and Second World Wars, this new park is amazingly well designed, and packs a ton of different equipment for different generations into a very small space.

Regretfully, we came very early in the spring, when the trees weren’t yet in bloom and the pool was still littered with last year’s leaves, but if you want MUCH prettier pictures, you can find some HERE on the landscape architect’s webpage.
I’d like to say I’ll come back one day to redo the pictures, but this is SO far from home, that I really doubt it.

So, keep it mind that this park is VERY pretty 🙂

The one awkward thing is that there are two play areas, and they’re completely separated with the pool and chalet right in the middle, so if you have kids who want to play in different parts just know that there is zero sightline between the two playgrounds.
One one side you’ll find a rope climber with spinners and ground pods to sit on or hop across, picnic tables and a ping pong table. 
The other side has the cool Blox climber from Kompan which is so very, very hard to climb. For me. And the 5-year old. 
But agile big-kids should be able to practice their mountain climbing skills! Beside are two adult and two baby swings, and scattered throughout this side is an outdoor fitness circuit.

Things to note:
-Both playground sections are fully fenced and gated. Awesome. 
-The pool and splash pad are fully fenced and you need to access through the chalet. The hours are 12pm-8pm. If you are NOT a resident I would highly suggest calling beforehand as I don’t know if this is a public pool. You can find info and a general phone number HERE
-You can access the park (and leave your car) on Avenue des Vétérans or Sainte Catherine Street.
-There is a bathroom that can be accessed from outside of the chalet, but we were SO early in the season that it wasn’t yet open. There is also a drinking fountain. 

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