Harry-Ross Park

Lachine gets an A+ for the renovation and landscaping of this tiny park. From the new and impressive log frame entrance, to the little bridge and boulders, and the permanent Adirondack chairs; everything here is brand-spanking new and well thought out. Except for a gate, there’s no gate.

This playground JUST re-opened after a complete renovation and it is purely for toddlers. There are a couple of baby swings, an adorable dragonfly/nature-themed climber, a little spinny leaf stool and SIX Adirondack chairs placed right around the wood-chip base play area. I actually sat down for 45 seconds!!!

The climber by GameTime is two little sections with a dragonfly link where footholds in the wings let little guys climb from one platform to the other. There is a (steep) staircase on one side, slides, leaf steps, a ladder and a ground-level window. My two-and-a-quarter year old was able to scale everything but found it a bit challenging, so smaller guys might need some help. I’m not sure it’s the ideal play structure for an 18 month-old.

Walk along to the the back of the park and right beside the sound barrier wall is the cutest little wooden bridge over a “river” of stones and some great-for-jumping-off boulders. While this is a really small park, my little guy LOVED it.
p.s. it was super overcast when we were there but there are quite a few trees around. Hard to tell if they’ll shade the play area though.  

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