Francis-Daoust Park

Just a couple of years old, this park is shiny, clean, and in great shape. It’s billed as a toddler park for 18 months to 5 years and has a play structure from GameTime, some Flower Talk Tube “telephones” that actually work, a little leaf-shaped seat, a small S-shaped climbing wall, ONE baby and ONE big-kid swing, and a small sand area. 
Except for the sandbox, the rest of the playground is on wood chips and is completely fenced though NOT gated. Not sure why it isn’t gated as this is a pretty busy street corner with city buses and plenty of cars. Slap a gate on there Lachine!

The cute little climber has stairs, slides, adorable vine leaf steps, metal ladders, a telescope, and seats at ground level. Easy enough for the smallest ones, and challenging enough for older toddlers. 
We tried out the “phones” because they NEVER work, but these ones did! “Helloooooooooo Mommy!!!!!!??? Hello!”
Then he hung around on the climbing wall before getting entranced by the big boulders surrounding the play area. Ooooooo, rocks. 

There are some benches and some trees, but there will be minimal shade during the day. 

All in all, a cute little park that we enjoyed on a hot summer evening, great for young kids, but the older ones will probably be unimpressed. Can’t please them all though 😉

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