Joyce Park

The trees and gardens at this park are beautiful. As is the tennis clubhouse!
On Avenue Lavoie and nearish the corner of Rockland is where you’ll find the fully fenced and gated playground. 
There’s lovely shade over half of the play area from the surrounding mature trees, and there’s also a jaunty yellow shade structure over the round sandbox. We peeked in the “book house” but alas, it was empty and we hadn’t thought to bring any books with us to leave.
In the sand is a toddler-sized play structure with stairs, a bridge, ground-level ledges and different slides. Nearby are four baby swings, and deeper in the shade are the adult swings and kid-sized picnic tables.

Things to note:
-The playground is fully fenced and gated.
-The tunnel under the tennis clubhouse has bathrooms which are open during the summer season. There are no posted hours.
-Lots of shade throughout this park and is a nice spot for picnics though it’s rather hilly. 
-For tennis info click HERE

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