Le Ber Park

We’ve been wanting to visit the park all summer, but always ended up somewhere else in the city, or blocked by Montreal’s maze of orange cones, so finally we made it! (after some construction detours naturally.)
We parked on Rue le Ber near Avenue Ash and wandered up past the squash(?) racketball(?) courts, the awesome-looking sledding hill, and around the baseball field, until we reached the playground. 

It was a terribly gloomy (but warm) day, and everything was covered with a fine layer of dew from the night before. Which didn’t stop the little one from clamouring up the slippery stairs of the toddler play structure, and hopping across the little steps. 
“Not the slide!!!” I warned since we hadn’t brought a towel OR a change of clothes. This little section is on sand, and the GameTime climber is a decent size. It also has a little log roller, climbing wall, ladders, and a puppet window. 
Four baby swings are nearby, as well as four big-kid swings AND the amazing new Expression parent/child swing

On wood chips, you’ll find a play structure for older kids with monkey bars and rings, a slide, and the super fun part is the rope bridge that connects to the tall rope climber. There’s a stretch of fencing here dividing it from the nearby splash pad. 

Disappointedly, there was a ton of garbage littering the ground, picnic tables and benches. I doubt that it’s always like that, but it didn’t leave the best impression. 
Thankfully the splash pad is great and cheered us up! With modern and creative products from Waterplay Solutions, there are two sections with TWO activators (so make sure to find them both.)
Lots of ground jets, fun Splash Blasters, the turnable toddler-friendly Fun-Guy, soakers and cascading leaves. There are benches and tables nearby as well as water fountains and a porta-pottie. 

Things to note: The splash pad water is on daily from 8am-8pm

Le Ber Park – Le Sud-Ouest from StrollerMom on Vimeo.

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