Luc Durand Park

This brand new playground named in honour of Québec comedian Luc Durand is located directly behind the Bibliothèque Marc-Favreau (at 500 boul. Rosemont/corner Avenue du Chateaubriand) and is probably THE most colourful play area we’ve seen. 
Designed for toddlers 2-5 years old, it is fully fenced and gated, and is bright and cheery with an incredibly springy synthetic grass base. You could play a game just with the colours and shapes. “Everyone on the red circles, now yellow squares, GO!”
And right in the middle of everything? A toddler-sized splash pad!

The products from Vortex include a trio of dumping buckets, ground sprayers and a cute little waist height sprayer with gentle water. Find the foot activator that’s on the ground to start the water sequence. 

The play equipment from Kompan includes a large garden-themed seesaw; the Home and Rescue play structure where kids can climb in and out of wheels, up and across the ropes, and zip down slides; ambulance and ladybug spring riders; and the adorable Forest panel with knobs to turn and touch. In the compact area you’ll also find two separate sets of baby swings and bowl spinners.

There are a few benches inside the playground and right next to the splash pad area, but if you want a snack you’ll have to leave and sit behind where the picnic tables are located. No food on that nice grass! (The other small play area is for the private daycare)
Also note that there is NO shade anywhere in the playground. 

I love reading about the history behind places so was happy to see the interpretive panels and the picture of the site as it was when the Rosemont Municipal Works building were in this spot. And the Portrait of Luc Durand is a nice commemoration. 
Just down the path on Rue des Ateliers is a small outdoor improv arena (possibly the only outdoor one in the world). 

The library has a very active Facebook page which you can follow HERE to see upcoming events and activities. 
You can also read more about the park and its inauguration as well as more about the lives of Marc Favreau and Luc Durand in this news article

***Tous les jeux d’eau sont ouverts pour la saison 2017 de 9 h à 21 h, quand le temps le permet.

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