Maurice-Cullen Park

What a lovely little park that includes interesting play structures for toddlers and big kids, and the nicest chalet around!

There’s a cute, very shady toddler playground that is (partially) fenced. It could definitely use some fencing near the road as it’s quite close. Everything is on a wood chip base (that needs a fresh layer), and has a bright and fun climber by Jambette, a few happy-looking spring riders and baby swings. 
The climber has easy to climb stairs, a safe bridge to cross, some wall doodads to turn, a really neat “rock” climbing wall, ladder, steering wheel and at ground level….a window and ledge for selling ice cream. Awwwwwww

Walk through the fence opening and the big-kid park is just a few steps away, though there isn’t the best sightline just because of the trees and hedges. Also on wood chips (and also needing another fresh layer) is the big-kid apparatus from GameTime. There isn’t so much a climber here as there is a swinging/climbing obstacle course. There’s no raised platforms but rather everything is at ground level and includes monkey bars, rock climbing, and the Cosmix climbing wall. There’s also a huge spiderweb rope climber and a set of swings.

Behind the playground is a fantastic (clean) chalet that was OPEN when we were there on a Sunday morning in September, AND it is wheelchair accessible AND has a baby changing station! There is also a wheelchair accessible picnic table just beside the playground and a few other picnic tables and benches scattered around. Near the road is a trio of tables, but it’s just too close to traffic to be comfortable (for me). 
The rest of the space includes a small greenspace and basketball nets. 
It was all nice and quiet and relaxed and we really enjoyed the shade!

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