McDowell Park – Henry Marcovitz Playground

We visited here a while ago so I hope not too much has changed…

This small park has a surprising amount of equipment. There’s a little playground (on sand) with a tall twirly slide, big and baby swings, a spring rider car, and the totally cute caterpillar climber. Nearby is a sand/water table that has a hose connection that I couldn’t figure out, and a small wooden play house. 

The middle of the park has a tiny, but totally cute splash pad with a bridge! I love bridges. I took me FOREVER to find the sensor to turn on the water, so to save you some frustration, it’s located on the top of one of the bridge’s posts. Touch it and the water will turn on. There are also two tall cattail sprayers, the misty frog, and two water cannons. 
If you feel like working out, there’s also an outdoor gym. It’s so close to the water area that you can actually exercise while the kids splash. Or just jump in the water after. 

Things to note:
-The splash pad hours of operation are: 9am-9pm.
-The chalet with bathrooms was open early in the morning. 
-The splash pad was repainted in June of 2018, but we visited before so the pictures don’t reflect the changes. 
-The Henry Marcovitz Playground at McDowell Park was inaugurated in 2015, in honour of the long-serving city councillor who passed away in October of 2014. You can read more HERE.

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