Mermoz Park (Candiac)

Another cute little park for our early morning park tour of this area.
I thought that everything here was brand new because it all looks so great and shiny, but the reno was done back in 2016.

This little area has room for two play structures, two sets of swings, lovely landscaping, benches, and a cable climber! The nature theme here runs throughout the two climbers and there are lots of rungs, ladders, leaves and stumps to cross. Near the toddler climber is the Expression Swing, which sadly, neither of my kids fit into anymore 🙁
Surprise to me (because I don’t know the area at all) is the gorgeous river behind the park and down a steep hill. So cute to see kayaks floating along in the morning. Bonus: The 6-year old found a snail shell and some quartz, which then lived in my pocket for the rest of the morning. 

Things to note:
-The park is partially fenced along the road, but there is no gate, and it’s open to the river behind. 

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