Wilfrid-Boardman Park (Delson)

My kiddos quite enjoyed this playground with its elaborate GameTime play structure that seems like an obstacle course.
There are ladders and slides, rocks and spinners, a neat seesaw that you can change the balance of by moving the balls, a toddler climber with stairs and wall activities, a mini climbing wall, rope bridges and rings to crawl through!

My guys like the funny stand-up wobbler/bouncer, and thought the tall slide with its interesting steps was neat.

Nearby and down from the boulder border are big and baby swings, and there’s lots of space to run around in the soccer fields.

Things to note:
-The park is right next to l’école des Cheminots, thus may be busy during some school hours.
-For chalet and bathroom hours, click HERE.
-This park also has soccer fields, 4 tennis courts, a walking path, and is next door to the Maison des Jeunes Sympholie, where you’ll find the bathrooms.
-A drinking fountain is near the tennis courts.
-A small parking lot is available on Boardman.
-There’s no fencing and no shade.

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