Olivier-Robert Park

This park seems to be quite the meeting point for the neighbourhood. It hosts Fête nationale activities, and has various activities throughout the summer like a corn roast, crafts, music, story times, BBQs, and “les Vendredis festifs”; all run by the Maison des familles du Centre-Sud (check their FB page for details.)
It’s not a huge park, but it ticks a lot of boxes. There’s the fenced and gated wading pool, a porta-potty for when the chalet isn’t open, picnic tables and benches, a fully fenced and gated toddler area, and a good climbing structure for older kids. 

The toddler area is nice and secure and has baby swings, a few saddle-seat spinners, and an easy-to-climb play structure with short monkey bars, small slides, and a slanted rock-climbing wall. This section is on sand. 

The larger play structure in the older kid area is reminiscent of a castle with turrets and jaunty flags. The cable climber connects by a fat rope to the slides. Lots of climbing to do here. While this area is close to the road, there is some fencing by the road, while the rest is open to the park. 

Things to note:
-The wading pool is open daily mid-June until the end of August, from 10am-7pm. You can find the schedule HERE
-Street parking is available around the park. Read the signs. 

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