Prudence-Heward Park

Completely redone, this small park has a weird and cute play area, lovely landscaping, and the coolest drinking fountain! (The things I get excited about these days…)

We loved the wacky and colourful hills of the play areas, the boulders to climb up to the metal slide, and the “forest” of tall purple posts where my little one hid from his brother to eat a snack. 
“GET. AWAY!” = Love

This is a great park for a break if you’re dragging the kids with you along nearby Notre-Dame, or just want to see something that’s a out-of-the-norm.  We’d love to see more parks with this type of creativity!

Things to note:
-Parking is, as usual around here, awful.
-There’s some shade.
-The park is not fenced.

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