Saint-Alphonse Park (BROSSARD)

This was a fun little stop on our way through Brossard in early, early spring. 
The play structure at this park is elaborate, and there’s a neat cable climber that is pretty good for older kids. 

The little one liked the ground-level music station with its different instruments like bongos and ganzas, and he appreciated the easy-to-climb stairs up to the slide and crawl tunnel. Taking one of the various ladders or the rock wall you can access even higher slides. In the surrounding wood chips there’s also a saddle seat spinner, the chubby flyer airplane (so cute), and nearby are two baby, two adaptive, and four adult swings. 

The park is also home to two baseball fields, an outdoor pool and wading pool. 

-There is no fencing around the playground.
-The surfacing is wood chips.
-We were there so early in the season (why there’s no foliage), that the pool and chalet were not yet open. You *may* be able to use their bathroom during the summer season.
-Street parking is available just in front of the playground. 

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