Wellington, Ontario – Adventure Playground

We have a special guest writer for this post, my mom!
On our Prince Edward County visit last fall, we ran out of time to visit the Adventure Playground in Wellington on the shores of Lake Ontario. It had been rather hard to find any clear pictures of the playground online or much info, so when my mom recently went on her “ladies’ weekend away” and said she’d be right beside the park, I begged her to take “just a few pictures!”
Granted, she didn’t have any kids with her, which isn’t our usual way, but she IS a mom, so I trust her park review 😉
She also got the scoop about the park’s history from some locals. 

Back in the day, the Town of Wellington approached the County for funding to refurbish their old (very old) park but were refused. So instead of waiting, the town had a fundraiser AND built the park themselves using all donated labour. Those who could not wield hammers and saws cooked and fed all the construction workers.

Located just off Main Street (input 243 Main Street into the GPS) and backing onto the shores of Lake Ontario, the playground is almost entirely built of pressure-treated and composite wood and is on a wood chip base. There are tunnels and bridges, monkey bars and steering wheels, and an entire second storey. 
With steps and  halls and tunnels throughout the structures – a child’s imagination can run wild playing medieval forts & castles, or ships & dungeons …. but adults beware! Some spaces are definitely child-sized and someone over 5 ft tall will easily bump their head (voice of experience x2 !!)
Younger children can enjoy the fully fenced Tot Lot with its smaller scale bridges and a ground level train(?) to steer. Just beside the wood mulch section is a small sandbox complete with a “treasure box” filled with sand toys. Your little one can have a great view of the water as they swing in the baby seats. 
The front and sides and part of the back are fenced but there is an open area which backs onto the water. The open part of the playground is some distance from the waterfront, separated by grass and a railing along the water BUT there is an open stairway leading directly into the water – definitely a hazard area!!

There are benches and some picnic tables, as well as a covered gazebo and wheelchair accessible bathrooms (which were locked when I visited). The park also hosts the Wellington Farmers’ Market on Saturdays from 8:00 am – 1:00 pm, from May long-weekend to October long-weekend. Come by to play and stay for the live music!

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  • Christine says:

    Thanks for this review. I was at Sandbanks this summer and it was nice to have a break from the beach at some point during our week. The park is really great, the description from your mom is pretty accurate.
    Though when I was there (summer 2017), they put up a high (and very ugly!) gate to block the way to the lake. It impairs the view a little, but makes it much safer for everyone!
    Thanks again for all your reviews.

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