Bourbonnière Park

Every year when I was a kid, we’d travel from Pointe-Claire to Sears in the Place Vertu mall to buy our back-to-school clothes, followed by a lollipop whistle at the bakery/candy store around the corner. It’s such a vivid memory, and I was trying to get my mom to remember the name of the bakery…”The one with all the candy! Off of Cavendish!” The best we could come up with is it might have been a Cantor, and now it’s driving me nuts. 
This story actually has a point, because parc Bourbonnière is RIGHT across the road from Sears. So, total flashback. 

A morning of just me and the littlest one, and this ended up being a good park to visit. With mostly toddler play products in the playground he happily buzzed about trying out the swings, seesaws, spring riders, and the climbing structure.
We also puttered around the gardens, watched some swimming lessons in the sparkly pool, clapped as the water was turned on in the fenced-in wading pool/splash pad, and ran races in the super nice basketball court. 

The playground is entirely on sand with the baby swings and spring riders in one section, big-kid swings and the Blazer 3-kid bouncer in another, the small and easily climbable Kompan play structure beside that, and the big Garden Seesaw close to the wading pool. In the middle is a gazebo which is about the extent of the shade for the park, and though there’s some fencing, it is open to the roads to the east and west. 
Saint-Laurent needs to make a call to the playground distributor of the Kompan equipment, because unfortunately some items were damaged (the Garden Seesaw) or missing (the steering wheel on the climber, and one of the spring riders). And while the water fountain beside the basketball court wasn’t functional, there’s a nice clean pool chalet which has bathrooms and water. 

There’s no parking along Cavendish, so you’ll need to go around to the east side of the park. We parked on Rue Cazeneuve, just in front of the chalet.
The supervised wading pool has a gradual beach entry and fun products from Waterplay Solutions including water cannons, tall spraying flowers, and the misty whale tail. You can check out the wading pool/splash pad hours HERE.

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Fenced toddler park
Baby swings
Big kid park (5-12)
Big kid swings
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Water fountain
Picnic tables
Seasonal Bathrooms
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