Beaubien Park

A morning of wandering around Rosemont and La Petite Patrie brought us to this large park. 
It was early, yet there was already a playdate happening in the playground with a whole gaggle of babies enjoying the sand, and squealing in the baby swings. 
We puttered around, trying out the equipment from Landscape Structures, and peeking through the fence at the wading pool. We were actually so early that it wasn’t even open yet!
You can find dates and hours for the wading pool HERE. Just scroll down to “Pataugeoires extérieures”

So, back to the playground, where we chatted with a couple of people, and I took some pictures while the little one talked excitedly about trucks with a little boy.

All the equipment is on sand, and there’s some fencing, but it’s mostly open to the parking area and the baseball fields beyond. 
Besides the baby swings, there are adult swings, and one adaptive swing. 
The large play structure is elaborate and colourful and has something for everyone. Ladders, sky wheels, wave climbers, slides, climbing walls, and spinners! A bit too tricky for little guys, but they’ve got their own great climber just nearby. 
The toddler structure is just challenging enough, and my 3 year old was happy to go up and across the Pod Climbers, up the steps to the little slide, and scaled the Mini Summit Climber. And what greeted him at the top? TWO steering wheels! Toddler bliss.
In the surrounding sand are some cute spring riders, Saddle Spinners, and a vertical Spider Web Climber
There are benches AND picnic tables right within the play area. 

The rest of the park has (busy) tennis courts, an area for street hockey, two baseball diamonds, a dog run, basketball, and a wintertime skating rink.

I had to put in the latitude and longitude because Google just couldn’t find the park. So the coordinates are correct. There’s a small parking lot, (with a heck of a curb for your car to get over, careful!) right near the playground and wading pool near 6th Avenue and Saint-Zotique.

Find tennis info HERE.


  • Katharine says:


    I’ve just found your great site. I’m always looking for “low cost”, fun, family oriented, outdoor activitiea to do with my kids, 7 to 12 years old.

    One park to definitely check out is Francois Perrault park near the St Michel metro station. You can make it a whole day destination – playgrounds for all ages, pool, wading pool, tennis courts, basketball courts, library on site. In the winter there is a skating rink. Plus lots of restaurants nearby to pick up something g to eat. In the summer evenings there are many activities as well, concerts, cinema. My hidden gem in Montreal!

  • StrollerMom says:

    LOL, That was park #10 on the list when we did our mega 12-parks-in-one-day. But we petered out at park #8. We did do a bunch more in that area and will get back at some point. Thanks for the suggestion!

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