Bee Educational Garden

After visiting the Monarch Butterfly Educational Garden on Belmont Avenue (on the other side of Terra Cotta Natural Park), I zipped up Maywood to have a peak at the new Bee Garden which is right at the Viburnum entrance to Terra Cotta. Once again I stayed very still while watching honeybees, bumblebees (the cutest as they bump around), wasps, moths, and butterflies. It was positively buzzing with activity! AHAHAHAHAHA. Ahem. 
Reading the interpretive panels, I made a note of some bee-friendly plants I could put in my own garden, so I too, could be a friend of bees 🙂
The official inauguration for this garden is on September 15th 2018, with activities for everyone. You can read the details HERE

This would be an interesting little field trip for neighbourhood daycares, or something to do with your kids after a lesson if they swim at the Pointe-Claire Aquatic Centre. Note that the garden is in full sun but you’re right at the entrance to the lovely shaded Terra Cotta Natural Park with its beautiful trails. 

Things to note:
-There is no parking allowed on Viburnum (unless you have a permit), so the easiest parking would be in the Aquatic Centre’s parking lot, then just cross the street where the outdoor gym is and the bee garden is right across that little greenspace. 
-There is no bathroom here, nor is there one in Terra Cotta Natural Park. The closest would be at the arena or aquatic centre, or at the chalet by the Terra Cotta soccer fields. But it’s a bit of a hike. 
-There is NO playground here. 

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