Briand Park

Not the most beautiful spot for a park, but the equipment here was good for both kiddos, it’s all in the same area, and there’s a splash pad! Though we didn’t see it in action because we visited mid-September. We’ll have to come back next summer so we can do video! With water cannons, dumping buckets, and spinning flowers from Vortex, it looks like a nice oasis for a summer day.

We parked on Briand, which has a beautiful view of a large warehouse/industrial building. I think the view and ambiance could be saved it they added some trees or a fence (there’s very minimal fencing and none along the road).
On a sand base, and right beside each other, are the toddler and big-kid climbers, both by Miracle Recreation.
The toddler structure is easy to climb with a nice wide staircase. There is the bumpy Tot Rock Climber/slide, a steering wheel, another slide, as well as a balance beam and little window/serving ledge at ground level.
There are also two adorable spring-riders: Lucky the Ladybug and Buzzy the Bumblebee, which both kids had fun on. 

The big climber wasn’t accessible for the little guy, though he wanted SO MUCH to go up 🙁
There are a few ways to access the high walkway and the Big Timber Hollow Log Slide including a vertical climbing wall, and the Wiggly Worm metal ladder. The two slides made me go “Wheeeeeeee!” as they were steep. Or I’m a chicken. There are also sky wheels, a shaky/wiggly cable ladder, and under the Burma Bridge are swinging Monkey Vines with itty-bitty places to put your feet. 
In the same area are two baby and two big swings, and then, right beside the splash pad and on a wood chip base are TWO adaptive swings and another two big-kid swings.

It was busy while we were there on an overcast Saturday afternoon, and my anglophone husband was super proud of himself that he conversed with two moms in French. He did get both kids’ birthdays wrong, but ya know, baby steps 😉

Things to note:
-There are picnic tables and benches, but NO shade. The small chalet was locked when we visited but there was a porta-pottie directly across the street at the soccer field. 
-This park has a different name on Google Maps! It’s also called Castonguay Park on Google, but I’m sticking with what Vaudreuil has it named.
-Bring some books to trade at the Ma Petite Boîte à lecture.
-The splash pad is on from 9am-8pm daily. Press the sensors to turn on the water. 


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