Bruce Park

I had no idea this park existed, and had thought we were done all of Westmount’s parks until I saw someone mention this one on social media. 
“What Bruce Park?” I thought, scouring Westmount’s sparse parks page , and then using Google Satellite. Yup, there’s a park here! And it’s rather good that we didn’t visit it earlier as it has a new-in-2017 play structure.
This might be the smallest park we’ve visited so far, but in its small space it manages to have a nice new play structure, a bench, an older wooden monkey bars set, and two picnic tables. 
The climber has great stairs, a tall-ish slide, and a couple of ladders. I like how the green and brown blend in with the surrounding trees and the brick of the nearby houses. 

I suspect this park is mainly used by nearby residents, and perhaps a daycare, as it’s very, very small. But it’s kind of impressive that they managed to put in this new climber that we quite liked. 

Street parking is a bit tricky, we snagged a spot right in front, you can try both Bruce Street and Hallowell. 

p.s. Why is there a bench in the middle of the play area? I’d move that over to the edge by the fence and install some ground-level play panels. 

Things to note:
-there’s no fencing.
-Lots and lots of shade. Woohoo!
-Everything is on wood chips. 
-There’s no room here for swings. So, no swings. 
-If your kids like trains, this is RIGHT beside the commuter train line.

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