King George Park

King George Park (formerly known as Murray Park) is beautiful, big (14 acres), and with a surprisingly spectacular view down to the St. Lawrence river. There are lots of amenities here like a sparkly wading pool, a dog run, tennis courts, table tennis, a little stream running beside the steps, and a stone building housing changing rooms and washrooms. And the massive hill must be a great sledding spot in the winter, as well as a gorgeous spot for a (summer!) picnic or some kite flying. 

The playground has recently been completely renovated with all new play structures, new swings, and fresh wood chips and borders. We parked at the tippy top of Avenue Murray, which is directly beside the playground and trotted up the path to the play areas. 
“Oh! It’s different!”
“It sure is!”

The little one was delighted with the ground level play panels with their steering wheel, little seats, theatre, and “drive thru” window.
*gesturing* “You drive through HERE, then order something from me and I will give you money?”
“Should I give YOU the money if I’m ordering food?”
*Big sigh at my utter lack of drive thru skills* “No, I give you the money AND the food.”

We then tried out the talk tubes (that worked!), and clamoured up the little log steps and down the slides of the toddler play structure. Just beside are the baby swings and an adaptive swing.
(Since our visit a cut-out was made in the wooden border so wheelchairs/walkers can more easily get to the adapted swing.)

Skipping past the giant mature trees, we visited the section for older kids. I like this tree-themed climber with its tree trunk steps, slides, and scary rings to crawl through. Geared for kids 5-12, it has some challenging parts that left the little guy bummed out. So he happily ran back to the younger section and the steering wheels. 
Funnily, while we were there three adults commented on the lack of monkey bars. Maybe they were really popular in the old park? Anyhoo, the kids who were there were having a blast and seemed impressed with the new equipment.

The playground is nicely shaded with giant mature trees, benches and picnic tables surrounding it. Nearby is a drinking fountain, and climb up the stone steps or follow the path to see the view below. If you’re looking for the washrooms, they’re up near the top of the park, past the wading pool and dog run. The opening times of the chalets are generally from 8am-10pm.

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