Carlos-d’Alcantara Park

Hmmmm, where to start?

This is an immense park in the residential Faubourg Contrecoeur project just on the limits of the Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve borough. After undergoing a renovation of 3.6$ million, this intergenerational park now boasts a laundry list of amenities: Mini soccer fields, a walking path (with great views of mountains to the south), fantastic toddler and big-kid playgrounds, a TON of picnic tables (many of them wheelchair accessible), a beautiful climbing wall, some hardcore rope climbers, outdoor adult fitness equipment, sledding hill, splash pad, basketball court, and even a play section for kids 12+. 
Everyone has something to enjoy and I LOVE that there’s the spot for older kids, who don’t necessarily want to always hang out with the “little kids”.

The toddler playground has a fantastic play structure from Jambette complete with super safe stairs, a ground-level crawl tunnel, rope climbers, swinging pods to cross, and multiple slides. In the surrounding sand are critter spring riders, a bright red climbing wall, and baby swings.
For kids 5-12 there’s a great cable climber attached on both sides to challenging climbing structures. There are also adult swings, stand-up spinners, bowl spinners, and a “forest” to climb through. 
Right in the middle of both playgrounds is the ADORABLE and interesting splash pad. It’s got something we’ve never seen before, a giant sundial! Read the information panel in front and you can tell the time. 
“Is it time for snacks? No? How about now?”
I couldn’t take video as there were just too many kids, but there’s a lovely rainbow curtain of water to dance through, a bumblebee sprayer to sit on (this little part is on a rubber base), ground jets and a water cannon. 

When you’re done playing here, climb up the hill for great view, wander north and you’ll find the climbing wall, the cool section for older kids, the outdoor gym…Ya, there’s a lot!

Things to note:
-You can find the splash pad hours HERE. The water should be on from 8am-11pm. 
-The park is all full sun. There is no fencing around the playgrounds or the splash pad. 
-There’s a nice looking chalet right beside the playgrounds, but it was locked when we visited around noon on a weekday. That’s unfortunate because there were a TON of kids. There’s no posted hours. 
NEW! In 2018 the borough has posted the chalet hours on their website:
For this park they are:
Chalet de parc – Parc Carlos-d’Alcantara
Samedi et dimanche – 10 h à 20 h
Lundi au jeudi – 8 h 30 à 22 h 30
Vendredi – 9 h à 20 h 30

-The sledding hill has a “no sledding” sign. It’s a bit misleading, so you can read more about it HERE


  • Hugo says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I’m so happy they made a playground that young adults like myself can use. The rock climbing wall is just amazing! Hoping Montreal will make more adult playgrounds & stop wasting their money making boring outdoor fitness equipment where all you can do are boring repetitive movements. Maybe when your kids grow up to be teens /young adults you’ll be inspired to finally tell Montreal to make more adult playgrounds. For a more parcourish workout. A lot more fun then the boring outdoor fitness equipment. Btw I noticed you don’t have this park on your list parc Lucie-Bruneau 6001 Rue Beurling
    Verdun, QC H4H 1C5
    Canada. I’m sure your kiddos will loves this parc! Be sure to check it out & right a review. And please sometimes in the future convince Montreal to make a FUN adult playground.

    • StrollerMom says:

      Hi Hugo!

      If you follow StrollerParking’s Facebook page you’ll see that I REGULARLY post about parkour courses, and parks for young adults, and about the need for interesting equipment for all ages. I’ll be seeing a new park soon north of Montreal that looks like should have a great parkour course. Stay tuned 🙂

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