Champfleury Park

This large park has a basketball court, almost new playground equipment, beach volleyball courts, baseball/softball fields, a grass soccer field, and acrylic tennis courts.  

We visited early on a bleary day (why is it always overcast when we’re in Laval?) and the splash pad was not yet open or on (because of Laval’s weird splash pad hours.)
Soooooo, we took photos from the other side of the fence and hoped they wouldn’t look too bad.
But they do. Ha!
The splash pad here is fully fenced and gated, has a lifeguard during opening hours, and a list of rules. There are flowers and butterflies to drench you, water cannons, and dripping “mushrooms”. Inside the fencing are benches and a picnic table. It’s all very pretty even with the clouds.

Without any water to play in, we toddled over to the playground.
Redone in 2016, the garden theme here is super cute, and there are butterfly climbers, adorable flower and watering can spring riders.
Both the big-kid and toddler play structures have stairs (hooray!), multiple slides, and ladders.
There are also four adult and two baby swings.
The play areas are beside each other so it’s relatively easy if you have kids in both sections. 

Things to note:
-The city website for this park says that it is “Accessible aux personnes à mobilité réduite”, which is ridiculous. Besides the splash pad there is really nothing that is wheelchair accessible. Certainly not the playgrounds. 
-Find all the activities and info for the various sports at this park by clicking HERE.
-Call this number for tennis info: 450 963-0676
-And HERE for the splash pad schedule. It is generally open 10am-7pm, but the hours change throughout the summer as the splash pad has a lifeguard.
-The playgrounds are all on sand and there is no fencing. They are very far from the street though. 
-There is no shade over the playgrounds. 
-I parked in the closed-for-the-summer school parking lot, but otherwise I guess it’s street parking?

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