Christophe-Colomb Park

The little one and I were absolutely giddy over this explorers-themed playground. I knew it was newly redone (you can also check out Jeannotte Park HERE), and Lasalle did a great job in terms of keeping it fun, original, and age appropriate for both big and little kids.

Everything is on new wood chips and while the sections aren’t large, they have two great climbers that we haven’t previously seen, new big and baby swings, and some cute ride-ons.
Both sections are very close together with a garden/greenspace area to the east. There is no fencing save for the schoolyard fencing on one side, and the toddler area may be a bit close to the road for some “runners”.

The toddler climber is the new “Ship Yard” model by Jambette and is adorable. Thank-you Lasalle for picking something unique!
There are two parts connected by a starfish walkway, and there are things to explore all over the place. Underneath are gears and knobs that click, click, click. Little ones can pretend to blast into space, or steer a train, or drive a boat….. I wasn’t allowed to touch anything. “No mommy! You go over dere.” 
So I went and sat in the canoe spring rider.
Apparently he’s suspicious of my driving skills.
The same side has stairs, a rock-climbing wall, binoculars, steering wheel, a map of the world, slide, and metal ladder. It’s toddler-friendly of course, but has wall openings that they might not see just because there’s so much else to see. I stuck around with mine until he knew where everything was.
We walked across to the other side of the “ship”, looked through the portholes, and went down the slide and then through the near-the-ground tubes. I like that there are activities here for bigger toddlers, and even things for those who cannot yet climb.

In the surrounding “water” is the canoe spring rider and treasure chest spring-rider, a little spinning seat, and two baby swings.

Just steps away is the tall big-kid climber that has a 3-walled climbing web, then (avoiding the crocodiles in the water) you can hop across the little stepping stones to the rope ladder and climb up to the high slides. There’s also a nautical-themed rock-climbing wall, another rope ladder, and at ground level are a couple of benches, a sextant, and binoculars. So even though the little one couldn’t climb the ladders, he was still able to putter around and check things out. This is a good park if you have kids of varying ages (like me!)

We walked past the big swings, through the little gazebo, past the drinking fountain, “steered” the ship’s wheel (too bad it doesn’t turn), and then read the Christophe-Colomb memorial. 

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Fenced toddler park
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Big kid swings
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