des Mésanges Park

This park is in a beautiful, older section of Notre-Dame-de-l’Île-Perrot with large trees, quiet streets, and beautiful shade.

The playground equipment is set far back from the road and the small parking lot, and is under a canopy of gorgeous oak and maple trees.
The toddler climber from Québec company Go-Élan has stairs, DOUBLE steering wheels, the Fredrock mini rock-climbing wall and slides; while the larger climber (also by Go-Élan) has a twirly slide, monkey bars, the Spidernest rope wall, and ladders. Both climbers are on wood chips.

The boys had a fun time collecting acorns and sending them down the slides or pretending it was pirate gold and hiding them in various places for us to “discover”.
There are baby and big swings, and an adaptive swing (but with a high border around it), as well as a fairly used ride-on airplane. Watch the butt for splinters.

There is also a lovely splash pad that now has lounge chairs placed around it. This is a project from Tessier Récréo-Parc and we loved the water features from Waterplay Solutions Corp. The yellow and green theme harmoniously complements the surrounding trees and I liked that there is a plan throughout the design. There is the popular-with-my-kids I-Spy Storm tornado tube which aways mesmerizes them, a tall Trilli Lily flower pouring water off its petals, the turnable Spiral Spray, a Bloomin’ Spinner with flying water, jets and sprays coming from the ground, and the toddler’s favourite: the U.S.O. (unidentified spraying object). Lots to turn and watch and enjoy!

We explored the rest of the park and the boys had a blast in the cement skate park  and the skate bowl (which looks like an empty pool). It is not.
There are also soccer fields, tennis courts and lots of room to run around. Also, bring your bikes and scooters because there’s also the AMAZING pumptrack that meanders through the trees. READ ABOUT THAT HERE.

Things to note:
-The water at the splash pad is on from 9am-8pm. Tuch the sensor to turn on the water sequence.
-Note that the splash pad is quite close to the road and there is no fencing.

NDIP – des Mésanges Splash Pad from StrollerMom on Vimeo.

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