G.-Melatti Park

We first visited this park back in 2016, when the toddler was more interested in collecting pine cones than he was in playing on any of the old equipment. 
Well, on a return visit in late June of 2019, we got to see the playground after its great new reno and everything was a hit!

A colourful nature-themed play structure from Landscape Structures is the focal point, and it’s delightful with its different climbers, tall flowers, and various sensory panels. You can read about bees and try and name the various insects, turn the rainbow wheel, and trot along the bridge. There’s also an easy-to-climb staircase and different slides. 
In the surrounding wood chips are two cute spring riders, two baby and two adult swings. Just steps away is a Kompan metal climber with ladders and ropes to climb, more adult swings, and the fun Chill™ Spinner

In the little courtyard are benches, a couple of tables with space for a wheelchair, and a permanent concrete ping pong table. 
And of course, come fall, pine cones! 😉

Depending on the time of day there should be *some* shade over different parts of the play areas. 

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