Gilles-Lefebvre Park

After visiting the brand new (and amazing!) parc Villeneuve up the street, we popped into this playground for a quick visit. Set back from the road, the playground features an old-school splash pad/fountain on a rubber base (!), and a tiny play area.
Actually, this splash pad is SO old, that I could not for the life of me, figure out how it turns on (like a few others in Ville Marie/Le Plateau area). There’s got to be a button somewhere right??

With a couple of benches and picnic tables nearby, the small playground is set on sand and features a very basic play structure with steep stairs, ladders and rungs, and a slide. There are also a couple of very springy spring-riders, an adorable “house” by Jambette with an ice cream stand window, and baby swings. There are no adult swings. 

It was ok, but after the awesomeness of Villeneuve, it was rather “meh.”

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