Jean-Brillant Park

This was such an interesting park!
It was really, really early in the morning, and we’d just dropped off the big boys downtown for their Tour de l’Île excursion and needed a place to chill before picking them up.
This was the perfect spot to play for a while, wander around, grab a snack at the farmers’ market around the corner, use the McDonald’s bathroom, and then play some more.

The layout of this park is a bit tricky if you have a few kids with you. It’s large and spread out, and only some sections are fenced. There are THREE different playground area, a lovely splash pad, and a separate wading pool! Also in the park is a huge green space, a weird concert structure straight out of some futuristic movie, great urban furniture and picnic tables, and an outdoor fitness area. 

We parked on Avenue Decelles (for free because it was so early!), and the playgrounds are just a hop away. The first area we visited is fenced (but no gates) and has a great play structure with stairs, monkey bars, a climbing “mountain”, crawl tunnel, periscope and more. In the surrounding sand are the cheery and bright (and always popular!) bumblebee and ladybug spring riders. There are a whole bunch of picnic tables nearby as well as the chalet (which was locked), and a water fountain. 
Steps away you’ll find the lovely splash pad with products from Vortex. This is one of the few times we couldn’t get video, because the water wasn’t on yet! Gah. But there are critter water cannons, spinning flowers, and misty cat tails and leaves. There’s no fencing here except for along the road. But, if you do need a fenced water area, right beside is the shallow concrete wading pool!

THEN, there’s a fully fenced AND gated toddler playground that’s partially on a rubber base, though the actual equipment is on sand or wood chips. Spring riders, a spinner bowl (barf), and a super cute and easy-to-climb play structure that my little guy always loves. In the woodchips (which are pretty bare) are adult swings as well as baby swings.

THEN, you have to go around the fence, but there’s another area complete with more adult swings and a cool climbing structure for older kids with ropes, ladders and a tall slide. 

Things to note:
-Hours for the wading pool and splash pad can be found on THIS PAGE. In general, the wading pool should be 10am-4pm and the splash pad is on from 8am-8pm.
-The chalet and bathrooms weren’t open, and didn’t have any posted hours. The borough’s website is pretty vague about the hours for this park. Sorry. 
-If you’re feeling hungry there are a TON of restaurants around, including on the very busy Côte-des-Neiges road, and you’ll also find the small but lovely Jean-Brillant farmers’ market right on the corner of Jean-Brillant and Côte-des-Neiges. The market is open 24 hours a day (weather permitting) from March until November!
-There are a lot of activities taking place in this park throughout the summer. These are just a couple of links I found with a quick Google search. HERE and HERE
-I’ve passed by this park later in the day, and it’s usually packed. So don’t let the empty pictures fool you into thinking it’s a quiet spot!

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