Joseph-Paré Park

A very, very early morning appointment brought us to Rosemont, and since the drive from the West Island had only taken us 30 minutes (what?!) instead of my allocated 1.5 hours (I HATE being late), we had some time to kill. Aimlessly driving around we came across this large park with some pretty good play structures. 

Since we seemed to be the only ones awake, street parking was easy and we toddled over to check out the two playgrounds. 
The area for bigger kids has a bank of swings including TWO adaptive swings, but it’s all set on sand, which could make manoeuvring difficult…
A few yards away is the play structure from GameTime. Lots of metal corkscrew ladders and rungs, an open bridge to cross, monkey rings, a twirly slide and the fun BigFoot triple slide. It’s all surrounded by lots of grass and some picnic tables. There’s really not a whole lot (or anything) for toddlers here, but they’ve got their own big area.

Fully fenced, but NOT gated is the section geared for 2-5 year olds.
“How old are you?”
“No, you’re three. We’re good to go!”
While everything here is on sand, it’s divided into a few concrete-bordered sections where you’ll find a sizeable play structure and baby swings, a nausea-inducing Spinner Bowl; a teensy rotating sand table, and a 3-kid Blazer see saw off on its own. 
The climber from Miracle Recreation has easy to climb stairs, a walkway, the Tot Rock bumpy climber/slide, a waffle ladder, metal rungs to scale, and a slide. Easy enough to climb up, walk around, and come back down. 

What I really liked is that there is a huge amount of shade over both play areas and lots of picnic tables close to the equipment. 

photo: Arrondissement de Rosemont – La Petite-Patrie














New in 2024: the pool and wading pool have been redone. MORE INFO HERE

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