Lawrence Park

This is another great park from Lasalle. 
We originally visited this playground back in 2015(!) when the splash pad was just a single fountain in a concrete basin. We came back in August of 2018 to play in the NEW splash pad (which is amazing!), and the boys again had a great time in the nearby playgrounds. 

We (I) cursed all the one-way streets and finally found some parking not too far, and made our way across the basketball court, paused to play in the permanent hopscotch…course? Hopscotch pattern?
Whatever. It was cute and colourful.
Then went around the “roundabouts” with the ADORABLE directional signs and rainbow painted crosswalks, and we got to the new splash pad. 
When even the walk there is fun, you know it’s going to be a good park 🙂 I love that this park has a PLAN.

The newly opened splash pad with products from Waterplay is large, colourful, and a load of fun. The 5-year old didn’t feel like getting wet at 9am so he sat in the shade on the nearby lounge chairs while his older brother danced, sprayed, ran, and danced some more. The trio of tall Spin Spray 2 are perfect for trying to soak your brother, there are super tall jets, rings to run through, and the beautiful Surf Cannon and Surf Board from the Surf Spray Mini Collection. Younger kids should enjoy the misters and water arches to run through, older kids will love the power of the sprayers, and parents will love the loungers! Or, do like me and run through the water too 😉

The toddler and big-kid sections aren’t all that far away from each other, but ARE on opposite sides and far enough that I wouldn’t be able to keep an eye on both areas.

The toddler park: So. Cute. There is the fantastic school bus that the little one always makes a beeline for. He sat and drove while watching the splash pad right in front. 
There is a teeter-totter with seals and a great climber by Quebec-based Jambette. There are stairs, rope ladders, feet-shaped stepping stones, a mini rock climbing wall, a ground level tunnel, window, steering wheels and a bridge. And slides. Of course slides! And then there are baby swings and big swings.

In the middle courtyard area is a spinning rope climber with a platform. Big and little kids can climb it, sit in it, or even lie down. 
Then they’ll ask you to turn it. For 5 million hours

The big-kid section is really interesting with big, challenging climber, also from Jambette. Ladders, and steps, and rock walls, and handles all over. It’s colourful and with interesting features all over. 
THEN, there is this contraption that I *think* is an exercise area for adults. It’s like a course with rings, ropes, an inclined bench, something that seems to be like a weight pull and toadstools to leap across. I would have tried it all out, but I would have totally hurt myself. 

Things to note:
-The splash pad hours are from 8am-8pm. You can find all the info HERE. There are TWO sensors on the ground to turn on the water. 
-The playgrounds and splash pad are partially fenced, with some decorative fencing along the road, but most of it is open. 
-There is NO bathroom or porta-pottie. 
-There are numerous benches and picnic tables throughout the park and near the splash pad, and there was some good shade, but not necessarily right ON the playgrounds.
-The playgrounds are on sand.

parc Lawrence – LaSalle from StrollerMom on Vimeo.

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