Picton, Ontario – The County Youth Park

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While on our Thanksgiving weekend in Prince Edward County, we took the Glenora ferry over to Picton and did a little tour (see HERE), and I thought Picton must have some kind of playground right? A Google search brought us to the Fairgrounds and this AMAZING fully inclusive playground with an immense skatepark. 
Just off main street and easy to find (and with tons of parking) is the fully fenced and gated County Youth Park.
They’ve done a fantastic job ensuring that children of ALL abilities are able to play. The playground features a rubber base, a wheelchair-accessible Sway Fun® Glider by Landscape Structures, a rope and rings Evos® climber, and a toddler climber with a Rollerslide. It was interesting to play on these pieces that I’ve read about but never seen! Other cities should take a look at this park when designing for inclusive play. 
The Sway Fun Glider has a wide ramp up, and the glider accommodates wheelchairs and has room for kids, adults, and even has a table with cup holders (fancy!) and wheelchair handholds.
While we’ve seen the Evos climber before, all the boys (2.5, 6, & 7) had fun climbing, swinging, and balancing across the bridges and ropes. 
Just beside is the toddler climber that has easy to climb stairs, a curved rock climbing wall, periscope, slide, roller slide, ladder, and a ground level window/ledge.

While the big boys ran around the skatepark, the littlest and I played, played, played! He loved being able to go on just about everything. 

We visited in Mid-October and the (wheelchair accessible) bathroom was still unlocked.

The boys needed to burn off some more energy before getting back in the car so I also let them loose in the fairground fields where they chased each other before collapsing in the field. 

While you’re there, have a peak at the beautiful Crystal Palace or watch a hockey practice at the arena. And if you’re on the way to Sandbanks Provincial Park, try and stop at the playground on the way. It’s worth it!

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