Val-David – des Amoureux Park

If you’re travelling through the Laurentians and need a picturesque picnic spot, this is a good one. Just a short walk from the town centre and near the Léonidas-Dufresne playground and the P’tit Train du Nord trail, you’ll find this small picnic spot right on the edge of the Rivière du Nord. There are bathroom facilities, picnic tables, and a covered gazebo. We crossed over the adorable bridge beside the Maison de Bavière B&B and took some terrible family shots that will be totally unsuitable for this year’s Christmas card. Sigh. 
There is no fencing and it is all very close to the road AND the fast-moving water.

From the town of Val-David:

Parc des Amoureux
Parc des Amoureux, sitting peacefully beside a bend in the Rivière du Nord, is just a few steps from the village centre.  Legend says that its name, which means Lovers’ Park in English, came about following the illicit meetings between a certain young Angéline, the miller’s daughter, and Cerf Agile, a young Mohawk from the region.  It’s the perfect place to sit awhile, or relax and read with the gentle background sound of the nearby falls and rapids.  The statue in the park is La Vérité, sculpted by Jean Bisson-Biscornet.

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