Saint-Donat Park

So new, so shiny, so fun!

I was very excited to hear that this park reno was all finished (thanks Sara!), and it was our last stop on a morning of great playground visits.
That meant we had tons of time to touch, explore, run around, and try everything out 53,285 times.

Everything in this playground on Rue Arcand is new. From the landscaping to the benches and tables, the splash pad, and the play equipment. 
It’s a great place for kids of varying ages, and we could easily watch the 6-year old over in the little-kid area, while my big-kid climbed the tall towers and slid down the high slides in the are for older kids. And of course then they switched. And switched again. And then yelled at each other for breathing each other’s air. Brothers. 

The space-themed park has the loveliest signs (love those creative details) and lots of spots to sit or have a picnic while watching toddlers climb up the play structure, blast off on the rocket spring rider, or play in the mega rings. The climber has great stairs, two steering wheels (for your copilot), a crawl tunnel, ladders, and slides. 
In the surrounding sand are baby swings.

Steps away is the large big-kid structure with its ladders and doodads to climb, rings to crawl through, and tall slides to whiz down. 
This part is on wood chips and there are also adult swings and an adaptive swing with harness. 

There’s also a brand new Waterplay splash pad that is an interstellar wonder. Before turning the water on, we walked through and figured out the planets (brilliant design btw) and then tried to figure out just HOW to turn on the water. 
There’s no button to touch, but rather TURN the orange disk that’s on the outskirts of the water area and it’ll get everything going!
Saturn will spray you gently from above, there’s the poor little pluto sprayer, and the sun is at the centre is amazing with its very shallow stream running around that’s great for stomping in. Stand under the tipping disk and get soaked!

Things to note:
-The splash pad hours for this borough are 8am-11pm
-The play area is quite sunny, but there are mature trees around the edges. 
-It looks like there will be some additional work at this park in the surrounding sport areas. You can read about it HERE. Currently there are soccer fields, a football field, horseshoes, and pétanque. 
-There’s also an older park (much older) on the opposite side of the park on Avenue Parkville. We told the kids horror stories about cut chins and chipped teeth on the old-school seesaws. Good times!
-There are a couple of porta-potties, one near Avenue Parkville, and one up close to the arena behind the synthetic soccer field. 

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