Saint-Jacques Park

The 45-year old: “That’s cubular man. Ahahaha!”
6-year old: “Watch this! Watch me! Come up! I want one of these swings! What does this do! I can stick my head out here! What is that building? Can I climb this? Is is legal to climb on the roof? Come up!”
11-year old: “That…is cool.”

It seems each new park renovation we’ve visited this summer tops the last.
I’d seen these awesome Corocord cube play towers in the latest Kompan catalogue and was just dying for a city to install one.
The kids eyes grew wide when we parked the car right in front of the park, and they immediately dashed through the gate and climbed up the ropes of the double cubes to the tall slide.
“This slide is FAST!” exclaimed the big-kid as he zipped back down. The cables, height, and bubble windows make for an exhilarating new play experience, and if the double cube is too intimidating, toddlers just have to cross to the single cube and practice on a smaller (but no less fun!) scale. The smaller structure also has gears to turn, windows to look through, hang out in the ropes, or climb the ladder up to the tube slide. 
Steps away is a lovely activity centre for the littlest kids with plenty to touch, turn, and flap. 
Both my littlest and husband loved the bird’s nest swing, and one drank some coffee there while swinging in the shade. 
While I love sleek modern colourful designs, I also adore wood and natural elements and really liked the juxtaposition of the bright colours and metal of the cubes, with the muted tones of the Robinia wood spring riders, the sand area with its two sand shovels, and the wood of the benches and tables. 
The playground is also wheelchair accessible with a slight slope up to the play area, ground-level activities, and wheelchair accessible picnic tables. 

And, you wouldn’t know it by looking at the park from the street, or you might even miss it altogether while playing, but the park also has a small splash pad with different ground jets and sprays! Very subtle and a perfect addition to this park.

Things to note:
-The splash pad is on from 8am-8pm daily. Press the sensor on the ground to start the water sequence. 
-The park is completely fenced and gated.
-There is quite a bit of morning shade and many mature trees.
-Street parking is available, but read the signs carefully!

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