Place de la Fonderie (Candiac)

Just opened in October 2020, this new park’s development was co-created with the residents and future residents of the neighbourhood. Located in Square Candiac, the large park has an amazingly impressive community garden, outdoor workspaces for those wishing to plug in outside, chairs and tables for games or eating outdoors, a central splash pad/fountain, and of course a fun playground. 

All on sand, the two play areas are right beside each other and great for families with different aged kids. The toddler area has a small play structure with some interesting and modern touches and a couple of bouncers and spring riders in the sand. The big-kid climber is challenging and gave my littlest quite the workout as he tried to balance and cross the swinging chains and get up to the tall slide. I just realized there are no swings, which would make a good addition if there’s a second phase of the playground build. 

By some stroke of luck, we actually had a hammock in the trunk of the car, so my husband hung it up and played Pokémon Go while we puttered around. 

The public square still has some work to be done, you can read more about it HERE.

Things to note:

  • Parking is available on the surrounding streets.
  • Candiac doesn’t mention the splash pad‘s hours of operation, but they’re generally on from 9am-9pm. We were at the park around 10am and it was on. Press the silver sensor on the ground to turn on the water. It will go off by itself. 
  • There is basically no shade. It was very hot. 
  • Bring your hammocks!
  • A bathroom facility is in the city’s plan, but there is currently nothing installed. 

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