Lalancette Park

EDITED Spring 2019: The playground has been completely renovated and I’ll be updating the pictures shortly. 

I’m not sure a splash pad has ever made me smile and laugh as much as this one.
We’ve seen a LOT of splash pads, but this new one at Parc Lalancette might be THE most creative design we’ve had the pleasure to splash through. 
“Look at that GIANT magnifying glass! That’s cool. Oh, really large ants. This grass is really big. Neat. Ooooooooooooh, now I see it, brilliant!!!”
Obviously, I’m not as observant as my kids, or am lacking imagination, as it took me a good 10 minutes until I finally realized that we were basically IN “Honey, I Shrunk The Kids.”
“OH! We’re tiny! We’re IN the grass! We are one with the ants!”
Ya, it sort of blew my mind. The kids were delighted (as we’d recently watched the movie), and both gave me a withering look because it took me that long to figure it out. 
I’m getting less cool by the day. 

Surrounded by cozy lounge chairs and picnic tables, the large splash pad by Waterplay Solutions has dripping and spinning flowers, the misty magnifying glass to dance through, a water blaster (for aiming at your brother and then listening to his screams), all sorts of ground jets (which I inadvertently managed to stand right over while videoing, yoiks!), interactive ants (step on them, do it!), and the beautiful Flutter butterfly and its tipping dew drop. Even the drain covers are gorgeous! It took us two laps around until we found the “on” button, which is on the ground near the butterfly and turns on all the sections. 
A semi-circle of tall blades of grass makes for a quieter spot for those who want to sit among the bubbling flowers and leaf stools, or run their hands through the itty-bitty meandering “stream”. I don’t know about your kids, but mine LOVE running water and manipulating the flow by sitting and making dams, or just quietly watching leaves float away. 
There’s no fencing, but the water area is pretty much in the middle of the whole park, and far from any streets. 

The nearby playground is alright, but rather blah after the amazing-ness of the splash pad. I believe this whole area will eventually be replaced as the entire park seems to be undergoing an overhaul. (you can read more about it HERE.)
But for now there is a toddler play structure with stairs, slides and ladders; a spring rider, and baby swings. The section for older kids has adult swings, an ok play structure with balance beams, slides, ladders, monkey bars, and a weird…swing…thing.

Things to note:
-We’ll have to do a follow up visit at some point because the playground is still in the “before” phase, and some of the other installations like the beach volleyball court, outdoor gym, and pétanque have yet to be built. 
-I didn’t wander up to see the chalet, but you can see pics and read more about it HERE and HERE. There are washrooms, a shower(!), and equipment rental. It’s also accessible. 
-For the dog park rules and regulations, info is HERE. It’s on the corner of Hochelaga and Nicolet.
-Interested in what’s going on in the park? It has its own Facebook page!
-The sequels to Honey, I Shrunk the Kids are NOT as good as the original. 

Parc Lalancette – Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve from StrollerMom on Vimeo.

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